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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Shipment, depending on your country, may or may not be included. US orders are subject to free shipping*. Canadian orders are subject to discounted shipping*.

Orders that exceed of $100.00 automatically apply for free shipping to any destination*.

Our products are shipped by Post Aruba if not requested otherwise, and is therefor subject to their shipping policies and transit times.

Shipping is subject to company terms and conditions and those of Post Aruba N.V.

*Economy or Economic Shipping

Return & Exchange Policy

We want all of our customers to be thrilled with our product. But in case you would like to apply for a refund, we're ready to help you.

All transactions are processed by an advanced commerce payment server, making it impossible for us to view your credit card number and bank information due to strict security policies and due to your payment being secured through the nature of SSL protection on the checkout page.


For your security, confidential protection and approval process, after the refund being authorized, it will take 5 to 10 days to show up on your statement.

In some cases it may be required to send back the purchased item(s) before a refund is approved.

Please refer below to check if you may be subject to a refund.

  1. Orders that haven't been shipped yet and are under the 14 hour time limit.

  2. Human errors, such as misprint or a product, other than originally ordered has been sent.

  3. Factory errors, such as damages in the weaving of the product.

  4. Other reasonable categories. Confirm your eligibility with our Customer Service.

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